Ice chocolate

Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Can someone turn the heat on! It is getting cold in Halifax.

Not much going on with Bosco today. The usual trip to the park to chase after tennis balls. Tomorrow and Thursday he is with Katie as I will be working. I hope they have fun.

Bosco went to the vet yesterday, he is officially under 80lbs. 79 lbs for the boss man. I am starting to think he is wasting away haha. We also stopped in at House of Dogs for some shampoo but they don't think he needs any so that was fine with me. Labs have a natural oil that keeps their coat all nice and shiny that you really do not want to wash away. He does not smell either so really there is no point.

We did pick him up a treat and he has been chewing on it for days. Oh the simple things in life, a three dollar bone keeps him out of trouble for days.

He is sitting in the chair next to me pretending to sleep but I Know he is reading over my shoulder to make sure I am saying nice things.

See you in a few days when I have more time to blog again.


Happy Halloween everyone

Bosco just wanted to wish you all a safe and happy Halloween. He suggests getting as much chocolate as you can! Here are a few costumes Bosco is considering.

The Emporer from Star Wars

Hockey player

NBA baller


These Labs say no to boot leg discs

Monday, October 30, 2006
Disc pirates — these dogs are your worst nightmare

And local gangs who export pirated discs through the mail might soon find themselves in the doghouse.

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry may bring Neil Powell, Lucky and Flo’s trainer, to Malaysia to train dogs here. Using sniffer dogs would greatly increase their chances of finding pirated CDs and DVDs in packages and containers.

Lucky and Flo demonstrated their technique to Customs officials from around the region in Hong Kong last week. Ministry deputy director- general (management) Ahmad Dahuri Mahmud, the head of its optical discs special unit, attended the demonstration at the invitation of the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

"The dogs were very effective at sniffing out DVDs even though they had been covered with a substantial amount of bubble wrap," Ahmad said, adding that he had discussed the training methods with Powell. He declined to comment when asked whether the ministry plans to hire Powell to train dogs here.

"The ministry is studying the feasibility of using dogs for its enforcement operations. We do not have any experience in this field." Senior ministry officials, on the other hand, said they are considering bringing Powell to Malaysia as the dogs could be a valuable asset in the battle against piracy.

"Many are in favour of setting up a dog unit similar to that of the police canine unit," sources said.

"The general consensus is that the dogs have proven their effectiveness in discovering optical discs under difficult conditions and can aid enforcement officers at mail points." It has been learnt that the MPA has offered Powell’s expertise to the ministry.

Between Sept 8 and Oct 12 this year, close to 5,000 parcels containing nearly 20,000 DVDs were seized at the mail and courier centres at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

"The recent discovery of 138,000 pirated discs worth RM1.38 million at the MAS Cargo Complex is ample proof of the demand for pirated discs from abroad," sources said.

"Most of the confiscated discs were destined for various capitals in the Middle East, one of the main targets of the gangs.

"The international market is much more lucrative than the local market, due to the exchange rate and the fact that they charge their customers in US dollars."

(for full story)


New dog blog to check out

Came across Gentlemans Canine Society (GCS) today and it is pretty good and entertaining. I suggest you check it out at the very least for some of the great pictures.

Bosco being a canine and a gentleman is certainly interested in this blog and hopes to make it onto it one day. GCS can you help out a Chocolate guy??


Halloween Dog parade, what a great idea

LONG BEACH - It's often said a dog owner resembles his or her dog.

At the annual Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade on Sunday in Belmont Shore, that was truer than ever.

About 500 dogs and their owners and friends marched in costume - often in matching costumes - to the delight of hundreds of onlookers.

Devils, geishas, ballerinas, construction workers, 1950s dancing girls, hippies, bumblebees - no costume was too elaborate for the pooches or their owners.

Rachel Levi came as a cleaning lady with Hazel, her brown-and-white, half-Australian shepherd, half-poodle, who came as a mop.

In one hand, Levi, of Long Beach, held a plastic bucket filled with cleaning supplies. In the other hand she held the stick of the mop, which was attached to Hazel. The mop was dyed brown with white string to match the dog's frizzy 'do.

Some avoided the complex and instead went for comedy.

Hamster and Stanley came as Sonny and Cher. Hamster, a huge English mastiff, wore a black wig and a red dress, while Stanley, a small pug,

(full story)


Be afraid, be very afraid


Get me anything?

Sunday, October 29, 2006
Just a shot of Bosco when we got back from shopping yesterday, such a nosy guy.

Bosco is confused

I am sure most of you remembered to roll your clock back last night and are currently enjoying the extra hour.But for those of you with dogs who are very set in their ways, I am sure you found that they just don't get the time change.

Bosco was bugging us for food and wanting to go out and doing all his normal things on time for him but of course we are like, go away we still have an hour.

Poor Bosco, he did not set his clock back, when will dogs learn!

Chocolate spa day?

Saturday, October 28, 2006
Well it is the weekend and Bosco is excited. I think it will be a spa like weekend for the Chocolate dog. Maybe buy some new shampoo so he can have a bath. Maybe some nail clipping and a brush? Sounds like some pampering for Bosco.

I don't know about your dog but Bosco really has no issues with having his nails clipped. Sometimes it can be hard since he has those dark black nails but I have only caused blood a few times over the years. I find the key is to just take a little off at a time and to have some good clippers.

Vets and dog grooming places over charge for this simple task and if you start early with your pup you will save so much money over the years.

As for the bath thing, Bosco really does not have a lot of baths since in the good weather months he is swimming all the time anyways. Labs are not supposed to have a lot of shampooed baths anyways because they have an oil that they need in their skin that occurs naturally.

Now that the lakes are getting cold, I figured it is time to bath the beast and get him all shiny and fresh. Nothing like a clean dog smell I tell ya.

pictures to come I am sure.


So big but so sneaky

Friday, October 27, 2006
I have been working nights this week and that means I have my cozy eight hour sleeps during the daytime. This does not always sit well with a Bosco during the week because there is nobody around to hang out with him.

Katie is at work til 6pm and I am sleeping usually til about then. So what does Bosco do? Well he waits until I fall asleep and then gets on the bed and nuzzles into me and falls asleep. The funny thing is I do not even notice at the is odd seeing as Bosco is an eighty pound clumsy dog. He usually can't finesse himself into too many places.

So I wake up feeling trapped under the covers because he is laying on top of them right against my side. The good part is he keeps everything nice and warm. The bed part is that Bosco is not supposed to be on the bed and he knows that.

Oh well it could be worse, he could keep me awake and bother me until he gets what he wants. So it is kind of nice that he takes what he is given and just relaxes.


More Halloween costumes


In a galaxy far far away......

Thursday, October 26, 2006
A friend of mine sent me this. Yes he is a huge Star Wars fan and their dog is living proof.

Meet Yoda the dog.


Smudge Bosco

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Angel Ashes

I know it is not a topic that everyone likes to think about but one day it will be time to think about giving your best friend that special send off to doggie heaven and this website I am looking at right now certainly offers all that you would need.At Angels Ashes they offer the best in Pet Urns and Pet Creamation for those people who do believe in this.

I had no idea that there was a service for this and it certainly opened my eyes as to how far people will go for their special pet. The part of the site that I found interesting was all the information and helpful links they offer to help you deal with the hard loss of a pet. There is poetry and articles and other things to read to help you get some closure.

Personally I would never of thought of any of this and over my life with the many dogs my family has had something like a Pet Urn or pet creamation was not even a thought.For even more information on this I highly suggest checking out and see for yourself if this is something you would consider one day far far down the road when your best friend runs off to that special place where all doggies go one day.

I do not think it would be for me when the day comes but everyone is different so there should be options.

Can we go outside??


The Bosco news

Hi everyone, sorry I was working for a few days and did not get to the blog. So what is new with Bosco you must be wondering?

The Boss has been having a lot of time to himself the last few days to reflect and to look ahead to the future. I am sure it was a good time for him to get everything in his life in balance. Who am I kidding he just slept and chewed on his toys counting the minutes til someone got home.
I guess he had a lot of fun yesterday because there were a bunch of other dogs over at the baseball diamond where we take him. Bosco likes to play with other dogs and it helps him work off all his energy before a nice evening nap.
It is a cold one today in Halifax so we will be going for a walk soon. I am sure Bosco will like it a lot more than I will.
If you notice some new posts that are kind of out of left field and weird it is because I am trying out some pay per posts from a few sites where they give you a website to promote and write about. I have my first one so that will be going up today. Bosco has to eat haha!
I hope everyone and their dogs are doing well and I love hearing from you all. Have a great day.


Lab-tastic pictures

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Sunday with Bosco

Just a quick check in today as it is a day for relaxing. Just got back from walking the chocolate dog,not too far because I was full from brunch. Bosco is currently upstairs enjoying a treat to make up for his short walk. I put some PB in his kong and he just loves that. Should keep him occupied for a bit.

Last night Bosco got some bonus fun to as we had some friends over after being out for dinner. Bosco loves company and of course got a lot of extra attention. I think he slept good last night thats for sure.

Mercy is emjoying the peace and quiet as he just came over to visit me as I type this.

Speaking of Mercy, him and Bosco have started playing a new game, sort of like what is known as playing chicken. You know when two cars or whatever speed towards each other and then one moves at the last second.

Mercy has this habit of waiting in Bosco's path as he charges to dinner or a treat and Bosco usually always moves at the last second. Mercy has nerves of steel or just knows Bosco is a big chocolate chicken.

Well yesterday it finally happened when Bosco actually did not stop and ploughed right through Mercy. It was pretty funny to see and I think from now on Mercy will think twice about standing in Bosco's way.


Global Bosco

Saturday, October 21, 2006
Stats are fun. They are fun to check out and see where people are seeing your site from.

I was just showing Bosco the stats for this site and he was pretty amazed at how global it is.

Just check out some of these places.


Lively, Ontario
Halifax , Nova Scotia
Port Coquitlam, BC
Calgary, Alberta
Prince George, BC
Red Deer, Alberta
Brantford, Ontario
London, Ontario
Hamilton, Ontario
Downsview, Ontario
Winnepeg, Manitoba


Praha, Czech Republic
Cordoba, Argentina
Valencia, Venezuela
Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Pasadena, California, USA
San Antonio, Texas, USA
New Delhi, India
Tartu, Estonia
Mascot, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand
Centro, Italy

These are only a few of the places that are listed. I think there is not one part of the world that Bosco has not hit. I have even seen people from Africa on the site before. One chocolate dog uniting the world, thats cool.


No I am not too big for this chair


Bosco wants to know

If you are out walking your dog and you already used the one bag you brought to pick up the business, what do you do if your dog decides to go again?


Whats wrong with being called a dog?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Liberal MP Belinda Stronach has demanded an apology from Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay following allegations he referred to her as a dog in the House of Commons.

"For that kind of comment to be made is just plain unacceptable," Stronach told reporters Friday. "I expect an apology for that."

I had to explain to Bosco that this is in fact a bad thing and people should not be calling each other dogs. Bosco was confused because he is called a dog many times a day and it has never bothered him.

Bosco thinks that being called a dumb or bad dog is something worth getting mad at however.


Dog Owners 'Spend Millions Pampering Pooches'

Bosco wants you all to know British people like to spoil their dogs too!

Doting dog owners spend almost as much cash on pampering their pet pooches as they do on grooming themselves, reveals new research.

More than a third fork out £208 million alone on grooming their dogs while a quarter take their pet to a professional dog grooming parlour, according to a poll.

And dog owners spend an average of £11.93 a month on cosseting their canines, only £2 less than the average dog owner spends on grooming themselves.



Desperate Housewife dogfood?

Nicollette Sheridan loves her dog but won't eat dog food

LOS ANGELES - Nicollette Sheridan and Linda Blair love dogs. But, they won't eat the food dogs eat. Not even for an event promoting "Dine With Your Dog Day." Sheridan said, look, "this is not Fear Factor.' " So, she wouldn't eat the stuff. Blair had the excuse that she's a vegetarian, so she wouldn't eat it. But Melissa Gilbert and Ross the Intern from "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" were game and scooped up helpings of doggie food. Thursday's event was to publicize that on Friday pet stores will be raising money for animal shelters.


Friday rain

Good day everyone how is it in your part of the world? Today in Halifax it is cold and rainy so that made for a short walk today. Just enough for Bosco to do his business.

Things are getting back to normal over here at the Chocolate Dog Blog. There have been a lot of changes over the last little while and I am glad you all stuck around to see the outcome.

I have been doing some work on the site to make it look nicer and I hope people are enjoying that. Bosco is a demanding guy and wants the best for his readers. I have to keep that in mind when making changes because I do not want the brown boy to be mad at me.

Things are pretty normal these days. Daily walks, naps, all the usual stuff for Bosco. It can't be road trips to PEI all the time now can it. I do not think he minds as long as he gets a lot of attention and the odd treat.

Anyways I am going to take off for now but have a super day and keep those comments coming.


Ever had one of those days?

Thursday, October 19, 2006


An open door policy

Good morning everyone. So I was trying to think of something to write today and it occured to me that a good topic is all of Bosco's weird habits or traits that I find very human like.

With the colder weather coming and the fireplace back in use again we try to keep the heat in the living room by keep doors almost closed. We normally would keep them totally closed but with two animals that need to get to water or litter boxes, the doors need to stay ajar.

It was most noticable last night that Bosco really does not like doors to be closed or even slightly closed. Thinking back over the years this has always been true with bedroom doors as well.

Any door that is not fully open he will go around and push them open. The door gets closed again and he will get up and go push it open.

I do not know if he has a hate for Jim Morrison or he feels like he gets a closed in feeling but the chocolate dude likes his doors wide open.

Anyone else notice this with their dogs? Any other odds habits??


cool ad

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Bosco loves to ball y'all

If you did not know, Bosco is a huge fan of the NBA. He has found NBA action fan-tastic since the first time he saw it on TV.

His favourite team of course is the Toronto Raptors (Yes his is I swear) and he is very excited at how the Raptors look this season.

The Boss is predicting great things for this team and I hope you all cheer for them.


For all of Bosco's American friends

Came across a site today called Bigdogswelcome and it has a lot of cool info. Most importantly it lists everywhere in the USA you can take your large breed dog if traveling or staying over night. This can be very helpful when you have a giant dog that most places may find too much to handle.

I must say would you rather have a small yappy dog or a large and quiet dog staying at your place.

I know what I would pick. Here is the official blurb from the site. Go check it out.

Hitting the road for a cross-country adventure with Fido in tow can be a chance to bond with a beloved pet; but with different pet policies, rules, laws, and regulations looming around every corner, it's hard for pet owners to get their trips planned, much less off the ground. addresses the concerns all big dog owners face when trying to plan a relaxing, fur-filled vacation.


If Bosco could drive

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
I found a license plate I know Bosco would be happy with.

Celebrity POOP

Just checking out a site that lists famous people and what kinds of dogs they have. Giving the list a quick look I see only one chocolate lab on there.

Karl Malone, former NBA All-Star has a chocolate named Abigail. Jazzy name don't you think!

You can check out the list here.


Bosco wants to know

Monday, October 16, 2006
I was in a conversation the other day and the subject came up about how much is a dog worth??

Would you trade you best friend for cash??

If someone offered you 100 thousand dollars for your dog, would you trade??

I would love to hear what people think.

Don't worry Bosco you are far too valuable to get nervous!


Bosco weekend wrap

SO what did Bosco get up to this weekend? As you can imagine not too much since I was working everyday.

Lets see he ate, slept, went for walks, slept, played with his toys, ate snacks, went for more walks and slept some more. Pretty typical in the land of labs.

Took him for an extra long romp today at the baseball diamond, you know to work off thw weekend rust. He is sleeping and exhausted right now.

very little happening in the land of Bosco that is for sure, no news is good news I guess.

I am enjoying the new look and the new blogger bata thingy. I hope everyone is having a good Monday.


Just to clarify

Saturday, October 14, 2006
I guess I should of noted what was in the big tub in the pictures. It used to be filled with yummy milkbone treats. I usually break them into three pieces, so that is why it lasted so long. Gotta keep the Bosco nice and trim. All lab owners know how much they like to eat if given the chance.

Bosco is having a quiet weekend at home with Katie as I am working all weekend. I am sure he can use a laid back at home weekend after last weekend.

On the Mercy front, the farm as we call them are getting to be much closer friends. They have a new routine when Bosco is eating his morning meal. Bosco eats and drinks (while wagging his tail) and Mercy will walk under Bosco back and forth. It is funny because when the cat's tail hits Bosco's tummy it appears to tickle as Bosco will move. I have termed this as driving under the overpass. I will try and get a picture of it some day.


The best $5.99 I ever spent

Thursday, October 12, 2006


In the news

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Bosco was surfing around when he came across these tidbits today.

In Austria, the Vienna Dog-Dropping Initiative, has asked residents to conduct a puppy poop census. The group has organized the census to get the attention of lawmakers and alert them to the growing problem of dog owners not cleaning up after their pups. It will be interesting to see the results of this census.

Police in London plan to meet with supermodel Claudia Schiffer to warn her about letting her dogs roam free on her country estate. A public walking trail runs next to Schiffer’s estate in London and pedestrians have filed complaints that Schiffer’s dogs have been less than friendly. A report has even been filed claiming that Schiffer’s dog bit another dog.

If you like to take trips with your precious pup in tow, Fido Friendly magazine may be just what you are looking for. Fido Friendly is a quarterly magazine that keeps you up to date on all things related to pet friendly travel in the United States and Canada. A perfect magazine for anyone who likes to get away with their pet.

Australian researchers have begun a 3-year study to determine what traits make successful working dogs. So far the researchers have determine that the paw your dog favors can be indicative of certain behavior traits. For example, dogs that use their left and right paw equally are more likely to be upset by thunderstorms and fireworks. You can read more about the study here.

Moving can be a stressful time for both people and dogs. Here is a great article on how to help your dog cope with a move.

An Italian Judge ruled that dogs have an “existential right to bark” in a case brought before him by a retired man who claims that his neighbor’s Doberman Pinschers bark day and night. Needless to say, the retired man was not happy with the Judge’s decision, but the defendant was very happy the case was presided over by a dog-friendly judge.



Now that the Chocolate Dog Blog has it's first advertiser I would just like to let others know that I do not mind displaying your buttons or banners on this site. It is a great community and we need to help each other out.

Feel free to contact me to discuss this more.

Bosco likes to help out where he can!

PEI Bosco style

So as you may know, on the long weekend we went to PEI and rented a little cottage on the water near Confederation Bridge. They were dog friendly so of course we packed up Bosco in the car and were off.

I do not think he has ever had a more fun time. He was as happy as a lab can be! His days were full of roaming free in open fields, running on the beach when the tide was out and swimming in the ocean when the tide came in.

He slept on comfy couches and had someone around almost all the time.

I would have to say his favourite was when we would chuck tennis balls off the cliff and he would run down the path way to the beach and find the ball. He would go right out to the sand barges when he could.

Katie and my favourite was when the tide came in and the waves were fairly big, we would chuck a ball into the water and Bosco would have to fight the waves to go out and get it. Yes we laughed when huge waves hit him in the face or lifted his bum up in the air.

He had lots of sticks to chew and places to roll around. For anyone looking for a place to go that is dog friendly I highly suggest this cottage (see earlier post).

Now we are home and Bosco has pretty much been lazing around the house for a few days. I think he is part tired and part sad. I know he misses the cottage and the ocean and the fresh salt air.

We will go back I am sure and I also know there are many car trips in Bosco's future.


No explanation needed

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Where we stayed

C. wrote to me asking where we stayed in PEI.

We stayed at Maggie's Cottages in Borden-Carlton. It is just over the Confederation Bridge and is not too far from Summerside. Charlottetown was about a 40 minute drive.

They are dog friendly and we never had any problems having Bosco there. For more information please check them out, I highly recommend it.

As for more tales and experiences of raising Bosco, I would have to say you are going to have to read the archives because I have certainly touched on that over the last year. Good luck with your new dog.


Back from PEI

I am working on a more detailed entry of the weekend but Bosco wanted me to get this up so his fans do not have to wait any longer.

10 things Bosco likes about PEI:

  1. Swimming in the ocean everyday
  2. very little time on leash
  3. all the fresh, salt air
  4. fetching tennis balls out of the ocean
  5. surfing the waves
  6. a new couch to sleep on
  7. all the attention is on him
  8. running on the beach
  9. did I mention the ocean?
  10. entertaining everyone for hours

Here is a slideshow of the pictures from the weekend, enjoy!

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New launch

I am relaunching the Chocolate Dog Blog today! Same great stuff just a different look. So be patient as I get everything moved over from the last one.

The best news is the comments work again and today we have added our first advertiser. Please check out They have everything you could ever want for your doggie in terms of beds, apparel and collars for Labs! I just might have to start thinking of a Christmas present for Bosco!

Later on today or tomorrow I am also going to recap the wonderful weekend we had in PEI. Bosco had the best time ever and there are so many pictures and stories to share.

This is a great day everyone, please keep up your dedicated following.


Coming soon

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Overhaul of the Chocolate Dog Blog

stay tuned everyone.

See you Monday

Bosco's bags are packed, he is ready to go He is standin' here outside the car door He hates to wake us up to say goodbye

But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn The malibu's waitin', it's blowin' the horn Already Bosco is so lonesome he could sleep

So lick me and bark for me Tell me that you are coming with thee Wag that tail like you'll never have to pee

'Cause we are leaving on a car trip don't know when we will be back again Oh, Bosco, I hope you don't have to go #2

See you all Monday with lots of stories and pictures from the adventure to PEI!


Everyone wants to be a dog

Thursday, October 05, 2006


The problem

Okay I think I have to admit defeat and just go with comments. I have no idea what is going on and it is too frustrating to deal with. The blog is so linked up across the net and it has carved out the space with the name that it is pointless to start a new blog or even transfer this one to a new platform. Everytime I seem to use blogger something goes wrong and it is not that easy to just change looks or templates because there are hardly any that allow a custom picture in the heading. So for the time being there will be no comments which sucks because I really enjoy reading them and it is a good way for people to say hi. There is the chat box on the side if you want to say hi or leave a comment. Until I figure out what to do next I guess that will have to be the way to go. Please email me too, I can always post the comments in a large bunch every week or so. Have a great day everyone and keep blogging. I am also going to use a smaller font from now on as well.


Fall Bosco

Just wanted to check in since it has been a few days. Bosco is well and living a life of a lab to the fullest. He is eager for the trip we are taking him on this weekend to PEI. I hope everyone is well and I really need to get more on this blog soon haha. I switched over to the new blogger beta today so maybe that will fix my comments! How is everyone else doing these days?


In local news

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
The day care that is down the street from us is having a tough time. I think you should read this, Bosco certainly has a good time when he goes there. Thanks to Rick Conrad for mentioning this in the paper today. KIBBLES AND BITS

The Halifax Regional Municipality is holding a public meeting on Thurs., Oct. 5, at 7 p.m. in the Queen Elizabeth High School cafeteria (take the entrance off Bell Road) to discuss an application by Janet Chernin — she runs the doggy daycare Canine Casbah — to amend the peninsula land use bylaw to allow her to run the daycare from her home.

Janet, who is also the local spokeswoman for the Dog Legislation Council of Canada, has apparently run the daycare for several years out of her home with no complaints. But someone allegedly filed a gripe with the city recently.

It might be nice if other dog lovers got out and supported her application.