Cat art from a rearview perspective

Friday, August 24, 2007
I was sent a site that has nothing to do with dogs but still very funny. The website is Mad Frank's Cats. It is a cat owner selling a number of cat lover products with unique cat graphics on them.

The really interesting thing is that theme of most of the items has to do with the cat's ass. Endless pics of a cat's behind on anything you can think of.

I think the art work is great and if this guy ever does stuff from a dog's rearend perspective I may pick up some.

If you are a cat lover and have a different sense of humour, you will enjoy checking out the items for sale.

Mad Frank's Cats has all kinds of cat art, funny, original cat gifts, for yourself or to give, like cat apparel and household housecat decor, gifts for deperate housecats and kittens, pet humor, cat ass gear, and gifts for men who love cats.

You can place orders right from the site and sign up for a newsletter.

Go and have yourself an ass-tastic time and check out all the products of Mad Frank's Cats.