Bosco's new celebrity friend

Tuesday, January 31, 2006
so today I confirmed that in fact the woman I have met in the dog park and whose yellow lab Brutus plays so well with Bosco is in fact Colleen Jones. You may know her from the CBC and of course the whole curling thing. They live close to us and I run into her and Brutus a few times in the park. Both labs are as crazy as each other and they kept doing this thing where they run at full speed and then Brutus will roll and glide on his back as Bosco pushes him. Fresh snow sure makes dogs go crazy! I will have to try and get some pics of this. Thanks for the comments about the last post. Bosco and Mercy are not exactly friends but they have learned to tolerate each other. have a great day and welcome to February tomorrow.

Friday's Picture

Friday, January 27, 2006
feel free to share your comments on this one.

Bosco and the Wizzo

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
So Katie bought this pink frisbee thing for Bosco for Christmas and it is called a Wizzo. Bosco normally is not that into frisbee's but he has played with it a bit. Today was a perfect day because we had a huge snow fall and tennis balls only get lost in deep snow. So we were off to the park with the Wizzo for some crazy snow fun! eager to get in the snow taking a break from all the running good old fashioned snow angel lots of chasing and jumping Not much else going on in the life of Bosco, I do love all the visits the site is getting and all the nice comments people are passing on to me. thank you all for your support and the love you give the chocolate wonder!

Chocolate email

Saturday, January 21, 2006
here is a nice email I got today Came across your blog on (you got my vote). I love Bosco, your lab. Beautiful dog. Maybe he can be the new mascot for our site – (proud winner for Aug 05 on!). Anyway, love the pics and good luck with Bosco! thank you for that, I will add your link to my blog list and please keep coming back for more Bosco.

Random Picture

Lazy dog afternoon

Monday, January 16, 2006
Katie's brother and wife picked up their new bundle of joy in the last few days. It is an 8 week old chocolate lab mix (forget the mix part). They got it from a rescue and are so happy to have him. They named him Indy! Welcome Indy and I hope to see some pictures soon. So what does Bosco do on a cold afternoon after a fun run in the park. Well he sleeps and lounges on his bed. I took a few pics cause he looked some happy and mellow.

spring time Bosco

Friday, January 13, 2006
Well the weather here today is quite balmy and with that all the snow has melted. Of course that means Bosco has to find all the balls that other dogs leave behind. He found 3 today over in the field and of course he could not choose what one to bring back with him. here is a shot of him from the Toronto days when he would find a minimum of 1 ball per day in High park.

Bosco not accepting age

Tuesday, January 10, 2006
I have had this Ikea poang chair for many years and when bosco was a puppy he like to curl up in it too sleep. Well now that he is much bigger he still thinks that he can sleep in the chair. It is a funny site to see, the chair creeks like Bosco is way to heavy for it. check it out for yourself. back when he fit current oh Bosco, its all about being a kid. I fit! so there!

back in business

Well after a few days off (from the blog, not work) I now have a chance to get back to posting. Not much is new, Bosco is still the same crazy chocolate he was a few days ago. He has fallen into his new routine so perfectly it is hard to believe. In the mornings I can now let him out the door, go and do some things like make lunch to take to work and when I go back to the door he is waiting for me. This may seem pretty easy but our house does not have a back door to the back yard so Bosco has to go out the front with the tempting fun world of the side walk and street right there. It is not a busy street at all and if I ever thought he would wander I would not let this happen. It is nice that he is being part of the team so I can get on with my morning and not have to go outside in my housecoat haha. Katie had a successful first off leash park experience on her own the other day! She said it went pretty good and Bosco listened most of the time. There was a family there as well with a little kid which is Bosco's weakness and I guess he played and licked and pushed the kid over haha. The parents were cool with it since he was just excited and playing. Bosco also finally started chewing on his new bone that he had been carrying around for weeks. Now it is all gone, man when he chews he chews! That is about it for now. here is a picture of Bosco for everyone to see. puppy basketball!

Shamless plug

Saturday, January 07, 2006
a friend of mine and bosco's is up on the daily puppy today. His name is Monty and he is a wonderful westie! Go and vote for him! leave some biscuits as well and even a comment. Good lucky Monty and welcome to the Internet. I bet your mom will have a website/blog for you soon enough haha.

a clean house

Friday, January 06, 2006
I was reading this on THE BIG DOG BLOG. The only rule for keeping your house smelling free and clean of dogs or their odors is to make sure all of your dog’s belongings are kept clean! This means washing his bedding once a week, vacuuming the carpet at minimum twice a week (preferably with a hepa filter) and washing all of his or her toys. Quick Tips The stuffed animals can be thrown in clothes washer under cold while the rubber and plastic toys can be tossed in the dish washer. Keep leashes and collars clean as well by throwing nylon items into the wash while hand washing the leather pieces. Don’t forget to wash the dogs! Continuously washing everything and keeping your dog clean will ensure a fresh smelling home free of any stinky doggy odors! I will have to try the dishwasher trick, never thought of that one. Is it ok to put the dog in too? Ok Im just kidding, like he would fit haha.

thank you so much

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Getting back into the swing

Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Thank you all for coming back despite the lack of entries lately. My new job involves long hours at a computer and as you can imagine I don't have the interest to sit at mine when I get home. Not much new with the Boss lately although I have to say I am very impressed at how he is fairing with his new hours. 3 days running he was alone for a long time and no problems at all. That should not happen now that Katie is back to help take care of him. They are getting along great and I get a big smile on my face seeing them doing stuff together. I just gave Bosco a bath, he is not a fan of it but he puts up with it. He likes the drying off part and loves being buried in towels. We met a yellow lab in the park today, Rufus. They 2 labs were like best buds, playing ball tag and rolling around like clowns. In the chewy bone department, Bosco finally destroyed the one I gave him before Christmas. He has this weird habit where he has to keep the bone and carry it around for weeks before he chews it up. He likes to keep it in corners of the room and in places where people step on it. He must have a good laugh when we kick it or stub our toes. Currently he is pretending to sleep on his bed and as soon as I move he will be right there because it is dinner time. I better go and do that now and take him out. have a great day everyone.