Friday, March 14, 2008
This is for all the horse people out there.

There is a great website that offers something that not a lot of us probably think about on a daily basis.

How do you give a horse some good exercise beyond just what they might do with open space on their own?

Well check out the EuroXciser, a state of the art horse exerciser!

Considering that most of sport or race horses stand in their stalls for 23 hours aday, any real horseman can see the benefits the EuroXciser can bring to their horses with better and easier conditioning, health and mental development!

You have to see the size of this thing, I hope you have a big back yard.

How a EUROXCISER horse walker device is going to save you some cash

The EuroXciser allows you to work four to six horses at one time. (More than 6 horses not recommended)

It will be there every morning unlike your exercise riders.

It is the SAFEST way to get your horses in shape before you send them to training.

Since a fit horse is less likely to have injuries it will save you unnecessary vet bills.

On top of it all this can be achieved along with great savings in time and labour costs!

Sounds perfect to me.

I don't have horses but this device is very cool, I wonder if they have one for dogs?

Check out all of the horse walkers they have today.