Lost Dog

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
From Tv Squad

Vincent the Dog had better not run afoul of the law anytime soon, because another dog has been added to the Lost cast. Lulu, an Airedale Terrier mix, is an adopted pet of Jack Bender, an executive producer and director on the show. The dog, who was adopted locally from the Hawaiian Humane Society, has quickly become regarded as the show's mascot due to her frequent visits to the set.

Lulu's addition to the Lost cast came about through a technicality. Since animals are not normally allowed on set, Bender "cast" Lulu in an upcoming episode so she could come to work with him. Bender did not reveal the episode in which Lulu will make her acting debut. Vincent, however, will be seen in this week's "Tricia Tanaka is Dead." Rumor has it that Vincent will reappear on the beach with an unusual surprise for Hurley.

Video repost

Bosco's Snow Patrol - video powered by Metacafe

Just some pictures of Bosco's first winter in Halifax. Snow Patrol's Eyes Wide Open is the song. I first posted this way back in November but since it is winter now it seemed like a good repost for those of you who may of missed it.

Catching up

I must apologize to all Bosco's fans, it has been a busy few days and the ideas have not been flowing. It would also help if Bosco could post updates for himself sometimes.

So I have some time today so I am going to try and get the blog rockin again and get the chocolate news out and about for all to read.

Let me try and catch everyone up on the Bosco happenings since we last blogged.


  • A brisk walk around town and a stop at the vet. Had a weigh in and Bosco is down to 76 lbs. No winter fat here.
  • Lazy afternoon as the humans went to Bridgwater for a drive and did not take the chocolate car dog.
  • Cozy evening laying in the chair while the basketball game was on TV.


  • Went for a jog/walk with Bosco. He really loves it when he gets to go running. It can be a pain though we he wants to stop to chew sticks.
  • Did a lot of sleeping.
  • Enjoyed some tasty food and the smells of what the humans cooked for dinner.


  • Back to work for everyone so Bosco enjoyed a quiet day at home. Most likely did a lot of sleeping and reading.
  • Went for a dinner time walk with Katie and then spent the evening sleeping in the chair.


  • See Monday but change evening walk to annoying evening walk because Bosco was hyper and trying to smell everything as the mild weather adds a lot of new smells to the air.


  • I am off today so Bosco will get a nice, big walk to the park and get to chase the ball for a bit. Then the usual routine will set in. Yep a dog's life really is not that exciting.

Remember to try and stop by Tomorrow, we are going for 500 views, so click, click, click. Bosco will be so happy.

Bosco can walk on water

Friday, February 23, 2007
Okay it is a little misleading but yesterday Bosco and I did in fact walk on water. The water was frozen but technically it was still water. What am I going about you ask?

I took Bosco for a car ride out to Long Lake for a winter adventure. It has been awhile since Boss has gone for a car ride and the weather was so nice so I figured why not.

We got their and Bosco of course knew where we were, all the open wilderness and roaming dogs got him very excited. I had not been there yet during the winter so I was excited myself.

As we approached the lake I could hear a lot of people but they seemed far away. So I looked out where I thought they would be and of course they were 100 yards or so further out because the lake was frozen.

It was a giant open field of snow and Bosco instantly ran like there was no tomorrow. In a few seconds he was out in the middle of the lake meeting other dogs and saying hi to new people. I was a bit worried at first but I figure if there are all those people out there already it must really be frozen.

We stayed out there for a bit and played and once the other dogs left we continued on into the woods. Bosco likes to turn in what I call Adventure dog where he has to leave the trail and check out every little thing in the woods.

We went pretty far in and just enjoyed the great day and fresh air. Once around the bend of the lake a bit we turned around and walked back on the lake. Bosco was slipping and sliding all over the place. I will always get a kick out of watching that, yes it is mean of me.

I took a bunch of pictures of course so here are a few for your enjoyment. I tossed in one of the lake from the summer so you can get an idea of what it is usually like.

The chocolate one slept for the rest of the day and I think he really appreciated his winter adventure.

What are you looking at?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Posh dogs get a 5-star kennel

Those crazy Brit's. Check out this story from the Manchester Evening News. IT'S the ultimate in dog care - a luxury kennel with central heating and padded beds, linked to an outdoor run with a machine blowing liver- or peanut-flavoured bubbles.

The five-star dog hotel offers a choice of standard luxury kennel, with full uPVC windows instead of bars, or a double-sized kennel suite, with a stunning view over the 14th hole of Harwood golf course near Bolton.

And, rather than feeling guilty over leaving their precious pet in a boarding kennel while they jet off for a five-star fortnight, the more discerning dog lover can now recline on their sun lounger knowing the pet pooch is also enjoying life in the lap of luxury.

Life Just Got Sweeter for Dogs

Dolce Vita or the "sweet life" has long been used in Italy to sum up the good things that make life pleasurable and fulfilling. Now the 74 million dogs and 90 million cats in the United States can begin enjoying the sweet life with the launch of a new therapeutic comfort bed specifically designed to meet the health and wellness needs of our four-legged friends. ColdHeat(TM), a leading developer of products featuring patented high-efficiency heating and cooling technology, introduces Dolce Vita(TM) Therabed(TM) pet beds, a complete line of heated pet beds in a variety of shapes and sizes for dogs and cats.

The Therabed Pet Beds feature an evolutionary, patent-pending Flat Screen Heater(TM) heat-spreading technology that evenly distributes heat throughout the bed to eliminate hot spots, and a proprietary thermal control that limits the heat to keep your pet's body temperature in its normal range (101 degrees Fahrenheit for dogs). The heat feature can also be turned on or off for comfort year round.

All Dolce Vita Therabed pet beds come with a wall adapter for use at home, the office or virtually anywhere there is a standard electrical outlet. The 12-volt DC power adapter plugs into any cigarette lighter or accessory outlet so you can take it along in your car, truck, boat or recreational vehicle. The optional mobility pack is available for several models and includes a rechargeable battery that provides up to seven hours of cord-free operation at home or on the go.

Contest to pass along

Tuesday, February 20, 2007 is having a dogtastic contest for all dog owners. The winner will receive a $75 gift card to and a luxury spa pack of fur-care from AJ Baci.

Sounds like it would be worth checking out, Bosco could use some winnings.

Click here for all the details.

From the vaults of youtube

Monday, February 19, 2007
No this is not Bosco but he pretty much does the same thing.


Good monday to you all, it is snowing like mad over here in Halifax today. Lucky for me I already took Bosco for a walk and he is currently passed out on his bed.

Do you ever have days when it is like your dog just woke up stupid? Today was one of those days and Bosco seemed to of forgotten everything I thought he knew.

He was not interested in playing fetch today, not listening to me and just being a difficult dog. He has these days from time to time and you can totally tell he is just being a teenager. Ignoring and doing his own thing just to bug me. That is all fine and dandy but it is hard to put up with.

I usually get very strict and remind him how things work and he has to listen. Making him sit before every toss, making him come straight back without stops for sniffs. Anything to reassert to him that I am the boss and he is not. Seems to snap him back into it after a bit and Bosco is a big kiss ass when he knows he is in the dog house. So now I am sure he will be the best dog ever for the rest of today and lets see what dog wakes up tomorrow morning.

Bosco cam

Friday, February 16, 2007

He's back!

The 2007 Westminster Dog Show

Well guess who is back, it is Bosco returning from the Westminster dog show. He is just unpacking his blanket and toys and then he is going to get to all his stories. So good to have him back, with the crazy winter weather I am glad he made it home so easily.

While he collects his things lets go over the show itself.

Final 2007 results.


Pictures from Day 2

Okay finally he is settled. So his two days in New York was the best ever. He met a lot of new friends, got to wine and dine with some of the dog world's elite and he even got to do some of the tourist spots of NYC. Bosco's only disappointment was the poor showing by Labs at the dog show although he seems to think it was fixed. How can a Lab not be the best? Bosco thinks they just choose to not give Best in Show to Labs because they are the New York Yankees of the dog shows. It is boring when the same team keeps winning year after year.

Bosco spent a few too many hours at the local pubs but he did meet some wonderful new friends. I just hope they all don't come to visit him here, we have room but not that much room.

The flight there and back was very pleasant for the Boss and he got to try out his new passport since you now need one to travel to the US and back.

Bosco wants to try out for the actual show next year but I already told him I don't have the time or the patience for that. Besides Bosco would jump up and lick the judges face and it would all be over. I really think Bosco just wants to go back to NYC for another sample of the best pizza ever.

So until next year's show Bosco will just have to settle for being the Best in Show of our house. He is an award winner every day in my books.

Ouch, this is hard to read

Thursday, February 15, 2007
Dog Groomer Accused of Cutting Dog's Ear Off and Gluing It Back On

GIG HARBOR, Wash. — A Gig Harbor woman says she was "freaked out" while giving her dog a bath when its ear floated away.

The woman, Anni Sheriffius, told KIRO-TV that she believes a groomer cut off the dog's ear and tried to glue it back on with super glue.

The dog named Jasimin, a shi tzu, was treated for an infection.

Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer says investigators are looking into possible charges of animal cruelty. But the pet grooming shop has shut down.

Some people!

Let us make Mar. 1 a special day

This is a test in the theory of passing on a good thing and trying to get people to unite. On March 1, 2007, Bosco wants to try and push his page view total over 500 for just one day. It has never been done but I know with everyone's help we can do it.

So please on March 1, come by and check us out, tell your freinds and their friends and let's do this for Bosco.

He has given so much to all of us, it is not too much to ask.

So remember , March 1, click on by the CDB.

Please, just one more day

So Bosco's flight was delayed due to all the snow in the States. So he had to spend the night at the airport in New York.

I talked to him on the phone and he had a great time down at the Dog Show. I am sure he will have many stories to share once he is back and settled in.

It has been quiet the past few days without the big guy around but I am happy he will be back soon.

So check in tomorrow, I know he will be back and as chocolate as ever. Thank you for your kindness.

Happy Valentine's day

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Every Valentine's day is much better with a lot of chocolate. Bosco sends all his love to everyone.

Bosco breaks down day one of Westminster

Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Well if you did not know, the 2007 Westminster Dog show is going on right now. Bosco has gone down to NYC to report back on all the happenings.

Since I have not heard from him yet I am only to assume he got lost or he can't email his report to me.

So as we await his post, here are some pictures of day 1.

Check back later and let us all hope that we find Bosco soon!

Bosco says check out this site

Monday, February 12, 2007
Got a cool post telling me about a new site that is dedicated to providing independent information on dog food. Now that is pretty cool since we all have to buy food for our dogs. It is called Dog Food Corner and is a very tasty treat.

From the site:

During the lifetime of your dog, you will likely spend several thousand dollars on dog food. In addition to the cost of the food itself, there is the fact that the type and quality of dog food affects your dog's health and happiness (and perhaps its veterinary bills). Consequently, the choice of dog food is an important investment. This site aims to provide information relevant to this decision.

So Bosco says check out this new site and hey it may even help you out.

Dog Quotes - Real or Nonsense?

Saturday, February 10, 2007
Over at the Big Paw Blog today they have an entertaining list of dog quotes.

Dogs have been the focus of many sayings and quotes over the years. Some are funny, some are silly, and some just make sense. They take a much closer look that make for a good read.

Here is a few examples but please go read the full list here.

A Barking Dog Never Bites

Okay, how many people believe this? Technically, a dog can't bite someone while he or she is in the middle of a good, solid bark, but what's to stop teeth from meeting skin when the dog is finished voicing displeasure? Call me crazy, but I'm betting that the barking dog is in fact the one most likely to bite you in the butt.

Barking up the Wrong Tree

How many dogs have you seen bark up the wrong tree? It does happen, but most dogs on the chase are pretty good at locating the subject of their barking. Now, as applied to humans... but that's a different story altogether.

Some people should not have dogs

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Add this clown to people I do not like. I already knew Ron Artest was a loser but this story just takes the cake.

Associated Press

Dogs owned by Sacramento Kings forward Ron Artest have spent a total of 77 nights at the pound since July because of poor care by their owner, costing the NBA star $1,942 in boarding and impound fees, county records show.

Placer County animal control officers have gone to Artest's five-acre estate seven times in that period in response to callers' complaints about dogs being loose or not being fed.

Allan Frumkin, president of the Sierra Ridge Estates Homeowners Association at the gated community where Artest lives in Loomis, about 25 miles northeast of Sacramento, said some neighbors stepped in and cared for the dogs themselves.

``It became general knowledge that he wasn't taking good care of his dogs,'' said Frumkin. ``One neighbor fed them and bought a watering machine for them.''

The latest incident came last Sunday, when animal control officers took Artest's Great Dane, Socks, saying the animal wasn't being fed.

``This dog was a rack of bones,'' said Rosemary Frieborn, president of Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter.

In an e-mail to The Sacramento Bee, Artest said he hopes to get Socks back and has hired a new caretaker for the dogs. He blamed Socks' condition on the fact that another dog, an American bulldog, ``dominated all the food.''

He said the situation ``got out of hand'' when he was gone for a seven-day Kings' road trip. ``Then we got back and got a handle on it.

``I have a new professional doggy watcher from out of state that will help me train my dogs better,'' he wrote. ``I'm horrible at that.

``I love my dogs and think they should be able to live (as) freely as possible.''

Artest has had as many as seven dogs on his property, but at least two have been killed and others have been sent to live in Indiana, he told the newspaper.

Puppy Bowl

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
I don't know if anyone saw it but on Sunday there was some alternative programming for those not interested in the Super Bowl. It was called the Puppy Bowl and was on Animal Planet.

Puppy Bowl is like watching a traffic camera trained on one corner for three hours. Puppies come. Puppies go. Puppies drink water from a see-through bowl with a "water cam" attached to its underside. This year, Puppy Bowl included a Puppy Tailgate party and a Kitty Halftime Show to spice things up, but mostly, it really is just puppies running around in front of a handful of still cameras for three hours. It's the most adorable film ever.

Some of the behind the scenes details are:

- Puppy Bowl is edited to prevent viewers from seeing any "inappropriate touching." There is no puppy ball-licking, puppy butt-sniffing or puppy humping in Puppy Bowl.

- You can adopt Puppy Bowl players after the game by contacting The entire Puppy Bowl promotes puppy adoption and puppy population control.

- Puppies are chosen based on availability, breed and age. Youth counts here, folks. It's like American Idol for the puppy set... except Puppy Bowl competitors must have had their shots.

- There are no plans to costume the puppies. "That would be funny - but the puppies are so adorable we wouldn't want to cover them up!" Good point. No fear of "wardrobe malfunctions." Here is the intro of the show.

Dog Surfing

What do you know, I leave my computer for five minutes and guess who I caught surfing the web! I hope it was for important stuff and he was not in some doggie chat room.

Remember keep your eye on your dog. They know how to use the Internet.

Book day

Tuesday, February 06, 2007
I recently posted about some books to check out all about Genevieve.

They were so kind that they sent me one of the books for free and it came in the mail today. I just wanted to say thanks and when I finish reading it I will post a little review.

It may take some time though as I picked up a few other books at Chapters and taking care of a Bosco can cut into reading time.

Thank you so much and I would recomment to all to check out these books.

Super Bowl Bosco

Monday, February 05, 2007
Okay so it is the day after the big game and Bosco is still a little sad that his Bears did not win. I took him for a car ride to try and cheer him up and we played in the snow at the park. He seems a little better but a loss like that can sting for sometime.

I took some pictures of how Bosco spent his Super Sunday and figured you would like to see them. Hope it is snowing where you are, it sure is fun!

Let it snow

Saturday, February 03, 2007
The snow returned yesterday and Bosco was sure happy!

Here is a look at some of the fun.

The even better news is it is still snowing and I am off today! Car trip maybe??; Bosco says check it out

Thursday, February 01, 2007

We at the CDB like to help out all the other dog sites and blogs on the net to form one giant and unstoppable dog gang. This week's site that is a must see is called and I just had the chance to give it a read.

It is marketed as The Newsletter for Savvy Pet Owners and there selling point is:

Pamper you pets! Get the scoop on pet luxury, designers, new products, reviews, deals and sales - sent out every Monday and Wednesday of each week.

This is an awesome way to find out what is hot and happening in the dog world when it comes to ways to make your dog's life that much better.

The Pet Products they cover is a wide range of subjects that I am sure has something for everyone.

Art/Culture/Events Beauty/Fashion Design Gadgets Random/Fun Services Travel

The clean and easy to use layout is appealing to the eye and it does not take too long to find what you are looking for. You can fill out a form to get the newsletter sent to you automatically and it is nice to know that part of the money goes to a charity.

A donation is made to “Casa De Los Ninos” for each new subscriber. To learn more visit

You can even check out their demographics and see what other people are reading this magazine. I doubt that would have any influence in your choosing to read but it is a nice feature., because they know their market is pet owners, want to hear from you as well. They offer the chance for feedback and I am sure this is a valuable tool for how they improve and maintain the site.

I will certainly be checking out this site more in the near future to keep up on the coolest things in dogs and I think you should to.

This site is Bosco tested and Bosco liked.