Bosco and the BBQ

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Diet update

MARCH 20: Bosco weighed in at 99lbs. MARCH 29: Bosco weighed in at 92lbs APRIL 25: Bosco weighed in at 90lbs. the goal is 85lbs for now.

Bosco's weekend retreat

So Katie and I went to Toronto this past weekend (thurs-mon) and Bosco got to spend all that time at a doggy daycare here in Halifax. I am sure he had a lot of play time and sleep time. He loves vacations I am sure. I have to admit I enjoyed the break from walks etc but I did miss the big chocolate guy. I picked him up last night and I am sure he was hyper on the inside but he had no energy to even move haha. We went home and he went right for the chair pretty much and slept all night. Even now I took him for a walk and he did not seem that into it today. Good job doggy daycare of tiring out the dog I thought you could not tire out. Anyways here is a pic of him last night in the chair. Hope everything is well with everyone.

check this out

Friday, April 14, 2006
take a look at this dogs profile. Who knew they could ride.

Friday Photos


Thursday, April 13, 2006
check out the picture I came across on another Chocolate Lab blog. does the site on the screen look familiar!!

Chocolate news

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Well it has been a few days since I have posted on the life that is Bosco so here is all the latest. I took Bosco down the street on Monday to see if he passed mustard on getting into a daycare. Katie and I are off to Toronto next weekend and the big Chocolate bar needs a place to stay. Good news, he passed and has been checked into the Canine Casbah next weekend. Lots of other dogs to play with and I am kind of hoping he sheds some pounds in all the playing haha. Mercy and Bosco teamed up yesterday to open up a bag of garbage and they found some chicken scraps! Bad animals! At least they worked as a team and not as mortal enemies like most of the day. The weather is getting better and that means more walks and runs for Bosco so he is happy about that. I am very pleased at how well Katie and Boss are getting along and how much they enjoy each other. anyways that is all for now, work is taking its toll on blog time so please be patient.

Friday Photo

Friday, April 07, 2006
This one is out back of my old place in Toronto. Bosco used to just like to go out there and lay in the sun. What a guy!

A contest to check out

Thursday, April 06, 2006
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A day of firsts for Bosco

So today I finally got around to making Bosco an official Halifax resident! We went to the vet and got him his city tag and had a quick weigh in. Back up to 95 lbs but whatever because as I mentioned before those scales vary I believe. Tomorrow I could go in and he is 92 again. Anyways we got him registered with the city and now he is a member of the community! To celebrate we took a spontaneous walk instead of the usual park trip with the chuck it. I am sorry I did not have my camera but as I said it was not planned. I will being my camera next time on a much sunnier day. We walked around the Arm and back (see map) and found some water for Bosco to swim in. Yes he has now taken a dip in east coast water. He was very happy to chase sticks and think about going after some sea gulls. It was a long walk and now we are both home and tired and ready to have a lazy Thursday afternoon. I hope you are all doing the same.......the life of a dog is the way to go

a look back

Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Was looking through some old pics and thought I would share some. These are from Toronto Island two summers ago. Man Bosco loves the water!

Bosco in Amsterdam?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
A fellow blogger posted a message today saying they came across the site and that they also had a chocolate. I took a look and their chocolate looks a lot like Bosco. So please give this site a look. It is called Brown Dog Sleeping and has some great pictures.

So how did Bosco do?

prediction- game 1: George Mason vs. Florida. Florida 75-62 actual- Florida 73-58 prediction-game 2: LSU vs. UCLA. LSU 67-61 actual- UCLA 59-45 prediction-Finals: LSU vs. Florida. LSU 74-70 (OT) actual- Florida 73-57 not great predicting on Bosco's behalf but that first game was pretty good. I think he needs to do more studying and research for next year.

Bosco's Final Four picks

Saturday, April 01, 2006
With today being the Final Four semifinals in college basketball Bosco asked if I could post his predictions. So here are his picks for today's games and the final game on Monday night. game 1: George Mason vs. Florida. Florida 75-62 game 2: LSU vs. UCLA. LSU 67-61 Finals: LSU vs. Florida. LSU 74-70 (OT) There you have it, have a good day of basketball today. even as a freshman he loved the basketball he never lost his love for the game