Things your dog does not want for Christmas

Wednesday, November 30, 2005
What You Shouldn't Get Your Dog for Christmas 1. A CD of cats meowing popular Christmas songs. 2. A chew toy with the head already gnawed off by his canine brother who chewed his way into the gift box around the 15th of the month. 3. A chew toy shaped like a shoe which he is immediately going to confuse with the right sneaker of your favorite pair. 4. Central A/C for his Dogloo when you're still using individual wall units that are barely up to cooling a small close-size area in your house. 5. Anything Garfield. 6. A remote control for the refrigerator door. 7. A knitted pink sweater that makes your macho doberman look like a poodle. 8. A deluxe pre-packaged treat-filled Christmas stocking that's large enough for you to use as a sleeping bag. 9. Doggie antlers when your near-sighted hunting relatives will be spending the holidays with you. 10. A stuffed toy dog with an angel's halo as a hint as to what he has to do to get more presents next year. 11. A doggie door between you and the suspicious butcher next door. 12. An audition for a diet dog food commercial where they feed him so much during retakes that he actually gains weight. 13. A piece of jewelry featuring a ceramic dog of his breed for you to wear. 14. His own Internet Pet Supplies credit card. 15. A cat.

Bosco's Buddy Map

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
I just posted a map for all of Bosco's Buddies to sign and let him know where all his friends are from. It will also be found on the right side under links. good night from Halifax.

Sporty Chocolate

It is a bright and sunny day today so that means there will be some good play time for Bosco. Does your chocolate like to play sports? Is there one in particular that they like to play a lot and are good at and you can see them on David Letterman? Bosco since he was a puppy loves to play anything that means he gets to be goalie. Soccer , hockey or some combination is his fav. One of our best games is playing hockey in the driveway. I take my hockey stick and a tennis ball and take shot after shot at Bosco. Does not matter the speed or power of the shot either, he loves it. Most of the time he catches it in his mouth but he gets the most excited when he stops it with his face. Soccer is also a big one, I can kick any type of ball at him and he has to try and stop it. Sometimes it is so funny how serious he seems to take it. Like he is playing in the World Cup for dogs. Maybe one day he can play for Man. U. What sports does your chocolate dog (or non chocolate) like to play? Post a comment and let me know. have a chocolate like day everyone!

The history of how I picked Bosco.

Sunday, November 27, 2005
Some of you have probably been wondering how I picked the name Bosco for my chocolate dog. No it is not: Bosco from Thirdwatch Rosco from Dukes of Hazard Yes it has to do with the chocolate syrup you can buy is the USA Yes it has to do with Seinfeld, George's fav drink and ATM code Yes it has to do with the show Ed, Phil called Ed , Bosco all the time. so that is where I got the name from.

Labs in the movies

A list of movies that have had Labs in them over the years. To see the full list of all dogs in the movies please go to Movie Dogs At First Sight The Birdcage Bringing Out the Dead City of Angels (1998) Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog The Full Monty Girl, Interrupted Independence Day (1996) Jaws The Mexican(2001) Tequila Sunrise Vanilla Sky

Chocolate Sundays

Im just adding a quick post before I go to walk Bosco. He is being unusually patient today so that is a good thing. He has a new game that is very fun and shows off his true Lab skills. His favourite toy "snakey" is this stuffed animal cobra and he loves it. We hide it all over the house and tell him to get snakey or go get snakey and he runs around searching everywhere for it, so excited to be on the hunt. Then you hear him find it and the squeaking starts. Very entertaining and he usually finds it pretty fast. well thats todays Bosco news, off to the walk.

Picture of the week

Friday, November 25, 2005
Starting every Friday (today being the 1st one) I am going to post a picture of the week of Bosco. I have hundreds of pictures of his life over the last 2+ years so I might as well share some of the better ones.

Here's lookin at you kid.

Another Bosco!

Well I know it is silly to think that I have the only Chocolate dog named Bosco but it was a nice thought. I found another one! Check out this blog about a chocolate dog. It is called the Bosco Dog Blog. I added it to my links on the right hand side as well. chocolate dogs united!

Bosco misses Tony

Thursday, November 24, 2005
Things Bosco day dreams about.
  • running with Tony
  • sleeping on Tony's bed while he is at the computer
  • waiting by the door for Tony to come home.
  • waking up Tony when he passes out on the couch.
  • playing hockey with Tony
  • watching Tony play Xbox
  • going camping with Tony and his OC friends.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

Typical afternoon in the life of Chocolate

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
here is a pic of Bosco having a nap with good friend Mercy looking on from behind. They took awhile to become buddies but they are getting there. I would call them more like co-workers at this point. Not having a choice to share space with one another. Image Hosted by Bosco suggests having some Hot Chocolate on this cold November day

sleepy head

For the first time I can remember I was up this morning before Bosco. This is odd because he usually is coming in every 5 minutes, bugging me to get up. I guess he was having a really good sleep. I am finally getting this blog to look how I want so the posts should be coming more often now. enjoy your day as if you were a happy dog.

Bosco's Dogster account

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
check out Bosco's Dogster page! He is gathering many friends this way. Who knew he was so web savvy.

Great new site for Large Dogs

I got an email today from Michael at Big Paws Only asking if I would post the link on my site for a new dog blog. here is the jist, We have just started a new "Big Dog Blog" at, a very active large breed community. To visit the blog, you may go straight there by click here: I checked it out and of course it is a great source of info and anyone who loves dogs that much certainly is worth promoting. So click on the links about or it is posting on the right hand side under Dog Links. thanks

Introducing Bosco

Monday, November 21, 2005
Well since this blog is about the Chocolate Dog, I think I should introduce him and let you all meet him right off the bat. This is Bosco, he is a Pure Bred Chocolate lab and he is just over 2 years old.

Image Hosted by

Bosco is quite the character and this blog is going to follow all his adventures big and small and let you all into the world of Bosco. Since he cannot type and start his own blog I feel that it is my duty to get his word out to the people. He would do it for me if roles were reversed. That is just the kind of dog he is.

So check back often and soon I want this to be a place where all lovers of the chocolate dog come and visit, worship or just fill some time while you should be doing something else.

until the next adventure of Bosco.......

Bosco and the Chocolate Factory

I am just starting a dog blog dedicated to every chocolate! I have a chocolate lab and he will be the inspiration to this blog