Catching up

I must apologize to all Bosco's fans, it has been a busy few days and the ideas have not been flowing. It would also help if Bosco could post updates for himself sometimes.

So I have some time today so I am going to try and get the blog rockin again and get the chocolate news out and about for all to read.

Let me try and catch everyone up on the Bosco happenings since we last blogged.


  • A brisk walk around town and a stop at the vet. Had a weigh in and Bosco is down to 76 lbs. No winter fat here.
  • Lazy afternoon as the humans went to Bridgwater for a drive and did not take the chocolate car dog.
  • Cozy evening laying in the chair while the basketball game was on TV.


  • Went for a jog/walk with Bosco. He really loves it when he gets to go running. It can be a pain though we he wants to stop to chew sticks.
  • Did a lot of sleeping.
  • Enjoyed some tasty food and the smells of what the humans cooked for dinner.


  • Back to work for everyone so Bosco enjoyed a quiet day at home. Most likely did a lot of sleeping and reading.
  • Went for a dinner time walk with Katie and then spent the evening sleeping in the chair.


  • See Monday but change evening walk to annoying evening walk because Bosco was hyper and trying to smell everything as the mild weather adds a lot of new smells to the air.


  • I am off today so Bosco will get a nice, big walk to the park and get to chase the ball for a bit. Then the usual routine will set in. Yep a dog's life really is not that exciting.

Remember to try and stop by Tomorrow, we are going for 500 views, so click, click, click. Bosco will be so happy.

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