Vacuums that don't suck (but they do)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Pet hair can be a pain when trying to keep the house looking clean. I know in our house with a long haired cat and a short haired dog, the build up only takes a day or two. Endless sweeping and vacuuming sometimes just does not seem to work.

Is it the actual vacuum cleaner that sucks (or not in this case)?

Well there is a website that lists all of the best vacuums for pet hair so you don't have to wonder anymore.

I am sure when you go to buy one you just read what is on the box and assume it will work. A sales person may even say for sure that it works. How do you really know without testing them?

This site has done the testing for you.

They show the best ones ranked at the top with all of the info needed and of course the price.

How simple is that?

One feature I noticed that was cool is that it even lists if it is good for allergy sufferers. That must mean it really sucks the hair out of the carpet and air.

If you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner and have to think about your pets, I suggest hitting this site and at least compare brands. It is certainly eye opening at how much more hair you could be picking up with a better cleaner.

Use WikiShop to find the best deals

Friday, April 11, 2008
There is so many places to shop online for dog products that it can be confusing where to go at first.

What if it was as easy as using something like google to find what you want to buy? Well now it can be.

It is called ShopWiki.

ShopWiki is revolutionary for shopping since it actively seeks out every store on the internet in a similar way that Google finds every web site, by crawling the web. You type in what you want and the site will go and find it.

Traditional online shopping sites will only show you stores that have paid for placement and that can really limit the scope.

ShopWiki will give a shopper everything regardless if they can earn anything on it or not. That will certainly level the playing field I would think.

For a shopper, this means you can find anything and everything for sale on the web very easily and fast.

I gave it a try and it was faster than a blink of an eye.

I typed in Dog Toys and right away the screen was full of dog toys that were all listed at a very low price.

You really need to try this out.

There are buying guides located on the right hand side and there are categories on the main page for every kind of pet you could think of.

If you are looking to buy something for your dog at least try out this site and at the very least you can see what something costs on sale. I bet the bargains are out there and now you have the means to find them.

Happy shopping.


Friday, March 14, 2008
This is for all the horse people out there.

There is a great website that offers something that not a lot of us probably think about on a daily basis.

How do you give a horse some good exercise beyond just what they might do with open space on their own?

Well check out the EuroXciser, a state of the art horse exerciser!

Considering that most of sport or race horses stand in their stalls for 23 hours aday, any real horseman can see the benefits the EuroXciser can bring to their horses with better and easier conditioning, health and mental development!

You have to see the size of this thing, I hope you have a big back yard.

How a EUROXCISER horse walker device is going to save you some cash

The EuroXciser allows you to work four to six horses at one time. (More than 6 horses not recommended)

It will be there every morning unlike your exercise riders.

It is the SAFEST way to get your horses in shape before you send them to training.

Since a fit horse is less likely to have injuries it will save you unnecessary vet bills.

On top of it all this can be achieved along with great savings in time and labour costs!

Sounds perfect to me.

I don't have horses but this device is very cool, I wonder if they have one for dogs?

Check out all of the horse walkers they have today.

Labradoodle- doo. The dog for you?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008
I am a Lab guy of course based on the dog I own but what about a dog that is part lab? Can't be that bad right?

Well that is where the mixed breed of a Labradoodle comes in. They are very popular today and are becoming pretty common.

Labradoodles were originally a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Standard Poodle, now they are a breed of their own. I have seen many around and they are an awesome dog. I have never been a big fan of the poodle but you toss in some lab and I am ready to go.

Labradoodle-Dogs.Net is currently the largest breeder directory in the Internet dedicated to the Labradoodle breed! This site is committed to helping Labradoodle breeders and owners connect in a safe and secure environment.

So if you are one of the many Labradoodle owners out there you probably have seen this site. If you have not I would suggest checking it out.

You can find out just about everything about the breed and where you can get one. It is the safe way to go instead of risking getting a dog from an untrusted source.

Are you a doodle fan? Check out all of the great Labradoodle T-Shirts and other items they have for sale.

This site is a hit and I learned a lot more about this interesting breed. Go and find a litter of labradoodle puppies that could become one of your own.

Dog beds, dog toys, pet toys

Thursday, January 10, 2008
This is a sponsored post.

Dogs love new stuff as we all know!

If you have any money left from the holidays and are looking to get your dog yet another toy I found a new website you may want to check out.

It is Petago and they have everything you could want for your dog all in one place.

I checked it out and have to say they have a lot of cool stuff to buy.

They have toys, chews, bones and treats just to name a few.

The site has all kinds of clothing, collars and leads and they even have bedding and blankets.

It is like going to one of the bigger pet stores but you can do it from the comfort of your home.

In the top corner of the site they also have an ad promoting free shipping on any order over 25 dollars. Sweet!

Now keep in mind this is not only for dogs. Whatever type of pet you have in your life, this site has it all.

I have been looking at dog bowls for Bosco for some time and this site has some really nice ones. I will have to look into this further and who knows, I may pick one up.

These kind of sites are very exciting because up until recently I have found the pet stuff websites to be very poor. Not this one.

Check it out.

Coupons for pet owners

Thursday, December 20, 2007
Remember the old days of clipping coupons from the paper before heading to the grocery store? I never did it but I know a few people who did. I did not see the point of going to all the trouble to save 30 cents on cheese.

With the Interent the act of clipping coupons has changed and many more people are saving a lot on products. If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to coupons you should head over to Couponchief and see all the great companies and products they offer discounts on.

I had no idea that there was so much value to find at stores and I certainly never see these offers in flyers or even in the actual stores.

Places like Best Buy and Target and Dell offer great discounts on all kinds of products. Personally I am always looking to save on pet products and sure enough they have online coupons for Petco.

That is where a pet owner clean up on savings.

I am going to have to give this site a better check over and make an attempt to try out a lot of these offers. Who knows how much I can save from just clicking around in my free time.

The have easy to find lists of companies and offers and list the most popular links as well. Amazing deals!

Couponchief offers great value for people looking to buy products over 50 dollars its seems. That is a great incentive to shop online as well. I know you can't get that kind of deal going to the store.

Give the site a check and I bet you will find a deal that you can't turn down.

The best vacuums for dogs

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Do you have trouble getting all that dog hair out of the carpet? I am pretty lucky that Bosco has short hair but it still makes a mess. I can only imagine what those of you with long-haired dogs must go through.

Are you in the market for a new vacuum and can't find the right place to get it?

Check out the website, Wize and you will be very happy with what you find.

Wize lists vacuum reviews and rates the best vacuum cleaners on the market today to help you make the best choice for you.

The list prices, all the stats and specs and most importantly an overall score out of 100.

Pretty easy for everyone to find what they are looking for. There is even a handy compare feature so you can see the ones you may want all in one list.

I never knew there were so many brands, styles and types of vacuum cleaners out there. For us dog owners it is an important tool in keeping the house clean (well trying to).

I took a look around the site and found what I wanted pretty easy and the pictures really help me to imagine what I would be getting.

We are pretty happy with our current vacuum but if they ever changes, this website is the best place to look for a new one.

Dog beds

Sunday, December 16, 2007
Sponsored post for

Christmas is fast approaching so for all the dog lovers out there I want to suggest a good present you may not of thought of.

Did you ever think of designer dog beds as a gift for your little guy or gal?

How much would they love a new place to sleep that was totally their own? My dog has so many places to sleep but most of them are not his own bed. Maybe if we got him his own bed he would stay there?

Bosco and I want to direct you to Mammoth dog beds for all dog bed needs and information.

Not only are the prices really good, they have every size and style you could think of. It is not like going to a department store or pet store where they may have only a handful of sizes and styles. This site has so many I did not even look at them all.

Since Bosco is a large dog I checked out the large breed section and was amazed and all the choices I had.

Mammoth offers a superior quality dog bed. The beds are durable and mold to your dog's body. They are composed of a removable inner pillow for travel, and a cozy ring for support.

It is the softest orthopedic bed available and is sure to be enjoyed by the biggest and heaviest of breeds.

Bosco would feel so spoiled with one of these!

If you want to get your dog something special for Christmas or anytime of year I highly suggest checking out Mammoth dog beds. They look awesome.

Better dog food news

Thursday, December 13, 2007
This is a sponsored post

All of us who have dogs are always on the look out for new kinds of dog food and new places to get the best food for the best price. How much thought do you put into what you feed your dog? Well if you are looking for more information and some tips on how to choose the best food you should check out Dog Buffs.

Dog Buffs is a website that offers practical tips from dog experts for all of us to learn from.

It is amazing to read about the most simple things that you would assume you already know. I buy my dog the same food all the time and because he eats it and seems happy I just keep buying the same thing. Can I do better and offer my dog more enjoyment and a better quality without spending a fortune?

The site touches on such topics as how to compare brands, the best nutritional choices, a better balanced diet and they list any news of pet food recalls.

No matter what kind of food you are already buying or want to buy in the future you will be able to find something on it.

I will certainly be using this site to try and improve the food that Bosco eats everyday and I bet a lot of you will do the same.

Dog Buffs is a great resource for all dog owners and you can tell it is made by dog lovers as well. Check it out and you will be happier and your dog will be eating better.

Bosco says give this site a chance

Sunday, November 25, 2007
Have you heard of New Jersey Aid for Animals? Well if you have not they have many great volunteers who are trying to get the word out and I thought I would help out as well. The NJ Aid for Animals blog is a great place to learn about the program and read all about success stories posted by other dog owners. The main focus is all about dogs that have been saved and when you start reading some of the posts or watch some of the videos all you want to do is help. Please go check it out because there is most likely a similar program in your area. We can all help out and make a difference no matter how big or small. Stopping animal abuse is something that is important to me so I hope by passing along this site to everyone I can do my part.

Cat art from a rearview perspective

Friday, August 24, 2007
I was sent a site that has nothing to do with dogs but still very funny. The website is Mad Frank's Cats. It is a cat owner selling a number of cat lover products with unique cat graphics on them.

The really interesting thing is that theme of most of the items has to do with the cat's ass. Endless pics of a cat's behind on anything you can think of.

I think the art work is great and if this guy ever does stuff from a dog's rearend perspective I may pick up some.

If you are a cat lover and have a different sense of humour, you will enjoy checking out the items for sale.

Mad Frank's Cats has all kinds of cat art, funny, original cat gifts, for yourself or to give, like cat apparel and household housecat decor, gifts for deperate housecats and kittens, pet humor, cat ass gear, and gifts for men who love cats.

You can place orders right from the site and sign up for a newsletter.

Go and have yourself an ass-tastic time and check out all the products of Mad Frank's Cats.

The Chocolate Dog Blog has moved

Thursday, May 03, 2007
The Chocolate Dog Blog has moved


We are all set up at our new home so please check out the new digs

Could you all please:

  • update your bookmarks
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  • let me know how you like the new look
  • continue to be part of the best fans out there
Thank you!

I would also like to add another friend to Bosco's crew. A big warm welcome to Lucy's Dog House!


Puppy Classifieds worth using

The following is a paid review:

Years ago when I was thinking about getting a puppy I really did not know where to begin. I have always heard bad stories about pet stores so I did not want to go that way.

The newspapers where my next choice and I did luck out this way but really how do you learn anything from a little blurb.

Looking back the best route to go would of been the Internet but there were not sites that made me think that was the best way to choose.

Well now there is and the site is called Puppy Classified.

They offer premium puppy classifieds to both individuals buyers and serious breeders looking for a classy and well advertised website. There are plenty of sketchy sites out there offering the same service, but Puppy Classified strives to set stand alone with quality services and premium traffic.

The site also offers an ever-growing selection of dog related articles meant to assist the readers and are written specifically for Puppy Classified.

I gave a look around the site and found it very easy to navigate and to find what you need to. There are simple buttons to click on and everything is clear to read. The layout is stylish and simple and is not cluttered with all kinds of ads.

You can sign up as a member or just view the site as a guest. Either way there is a great deal of information to read about and I would say that if you are in the planning stage of getting a puppy this site is perfect.

Of course if you are a breeder or seller you can advertise your dogs as well and I would say that Puppy Classified sells itself as a great business to deal with.

All in all I would rate this site highly for those who want to search for their new dog and to learn about various dog news.


Please, Bosco would like your help

Tuesday, March 06, 2007
The Chocolate Dog Blog has moved


We are all set up at our new home so please check out the new digs

Could you all please:

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Thank you!

I would also like to add another friend to Bosco's crew. A big warm welcome to Lucy's Dog House!


Moving pains

We are in the process of moving the CDB over to wordpress so please be patient. Bosco is a slow packer so odds are good we will be here for a bit.

Once we move to our better digs, we will update the links etc. so don't worry. Everything will be as good as new in a few days. Feel free to stop by for a housewarming here.

Pleasant park walk

Sunday, March 04, 2007
Yesterday the weather in Halifax was amazing and after a long winter it was too good to pass up. It was sunny and 10 degrees Celcius so that meant a great chance to take Bosco on a fun walk.

Katie wanted to practice her driving so we decided to pack up Bosco in the car and take him to Point Pleasant Park.

It was very muddy and slushy so that meant it was going to be a fun trip for the Boss, he just loves to get dirty.

Once we got there, it was clear the rest of the city had the same idea as us, there were a lot of dogs there already.

We walked around for 30 minutes or so, let Bosco run wild thanks to part of the park being off leash and got some much needed fresh air.

We were trying to keep track of how many times Bosco went #1 but I think we lost count at 11. He drinks a lot of water!

Highlights of the walk were running crazy in the trees, chasing other fun dogs, sloshing around in the snow and of course finding some nice sticks to chew on.

As always here are some pictures to check out. Hope everyone else is having a super weekend.

Wishing, waiting

Here is a classic picture of Bosco waiting to go for his walk in the morning. How can you even try to ignore that? Talk about non-violent action.

Lost Dog

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
From Tv Squad

Vincent the Dog had better not run afoul of the law anytime soon, because another dog has been added to the Lost cast. Lulu, an Airedale Terrier mix, is an adopted pet of Jack Bender, an executive producer and director on the show. The dog, who was adopted locally from the Hawaiian Humane Society, has quickly become regarded as the show's mascot due to her frequent visits to the set.

Lulu's addition to the Lost cast came about through a technicality. Since animals are not normally allowed on set, Bender "cast" Lulu in an upcoming episode so she could come to work with him. Bender did not reveal the episode in which Lulu will make her acting debut. Vincent, however, will be seen in this week's "Tricia Tanaka is Dead." Rumor has it that Vincent will reappear on the beach with an unusual surprise for Hurley.

Video repost

Bosco's Snow Patrol - video powered by Metacafe

Just some pictures of Bosco's first winter in Halifax. Snow Patrol's Eyes Wide Open is the song. I first posted this way back in November but since it is winter now it seemed like a good repost for those of you who may of missed it.

Catching up

I must apologize to all Bosco's fans, it has been a busy few days and the ideas have not been flowing. It would also help if Bosco could post updates for himself sometimes.

So I have some time today so I am going to try and get the blog rockin again and get the chocolate news out and about for all to read.

Let me try and catch everyone up on the Bosco happenings since we last blogged.


  • A brisk walk around town and a stop at the vet. Had a weigh in and Bosco is down to 76 lbs. No winter fat here.
  • Lazy afternoon as the humans went to Bridgwater for a drive and did not take the chocolate car dog.
  • Cozy evening laying in the chair while the basketball game was on TV.


  • Went for a jog/walk with Bosco. He really loves it when he gets to go running. It can be a pain though we he wants to stop to chew sticks.
  • Did a lot of sleeping.
  • Enjoyed some tasty food and the smells of what the humans cooked for dinner.


  • Back to work for everyone so Bosco enjoyed a quiet day at home. Most likely did a lot of sleeping and reading.
  • Went for a dinner time walk with Katie and then spent the evening sleeping in the chair.


  • See Monday but change evening walk to annoying evening walk because Bosco was hyper and trying to smell everything as the mild weather adds a lot of new smells to the air.


  • I am off today so Bosco will get a nice, big walk to the park and get to chase the ball for a bit. Then the usual routine will set in. Yep a dog's life really is not that exciting.

Remember to try and stop by Tomorrow, we are going for 500 views, so click, click, click. Bosco will be so happy.