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Puppy Classifieds worth using

The following is a paid review:

Years ago when I was thinking about getting a puppy I really did not know where to begin. I have always heard bad stories about pet stores so I did not want to go that way.

The newspapers where my next choice and I did luck out this way but really how do you learn anything from a little blurb.

Looking back the best route to go would of been the Internet but there were not sites that made me think that was the best way to choose.

Well now there is and the site is called Puppy Classified.

They offer premium puppy classifieds to both individuals buyers and serious breeders looking for a classy and well advertised website. There are plenty of sketchy sites out there offering the same service, but Puppy Classified strives to set stand alone with quality services and premium traffic.

The site also offers an ever-growing selection of dog related articles meant to assist the readers and are written specifically for Puppy Classified.

I gave a look around the site and found it very easy to navigate and to find what you need to. There are simple buttons to click on and everything is clear to read. The layout is stylish and simple and is not cluttered with all kinds of ads.

You can sign up as a member or just view the site as a guest. Either way there is a great deal of information to read about and I would say that if you are in the planning stage of getting a puppy this site is perfect.

Of course if you are a breeder or seller you can advertise your dogs as well and I would say that Puppy Classified sells itself as a great business to deal with.

All in all I would rate this site highly for those who want to search for their new dog and to learn about various dog news.


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5/23/2007 01:44:00 PM


Hello! you made a good job for what you've post on this topic..thank you for sharing this
its very informative to everyone. Keep up the good work..

Best Regards,
Cheska Cruz
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5/30/2007 02:03:00 PM



A Pleasant warming for you at this day! I’d just leave a comment for what you posted
because I found it so informative just like what other had commented. Thank you very much
for sharing this on behalf of every body who already read this. And keep the good work..

More power,
Elisa Woods
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